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Welcome to website – E-commerce Website of brand Luka’s Café established and owned by LUKA GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY. The head office is located at: 3rd Floor, Crystal Building, No. 16-17, Area A2, Lot 6B Le Hong Phong, Dong Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong, Vietnam.

When you visit our website, we hope that you read these Terms of Use carefully before ordering any products and services on our

Terms of Use apply to all customers:

+ Order products sold on website.

+ Wishing to deliver products to locations consistent with the delivery policy posted on the website.

+ Customers in these Terms and Conditions include:

+ All individuals with full capacity for civil acts, aged 15 years or older and have the property to make purchases, or to supervise both parents or legal guardians.

+ All organizations are established and operate legally according to the provisions of Vietnamese law.

+ It is strictly prohibited to use any content of the website for commercial purposes or on behalf of any third party without our written permission.

+ When signing up for an account, you must provide authentic information about yourself and update if there are any changes, and be responsible for the security of your login account & password. In case of unauthorized access, you must notify us of the date for processing. We are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by your failure to comply with the regulations.

Guarantee our products, price and quality.

– Luka Group Joint Stock Company commits to bring customers only good quality products, and according to the company’s brand name is Luka’s Cafe, does not sell shoddy goods, does not sell fake / counterfeit products. , no sales of unknown origin.

– Products are manufactured by high quality chains, ensuring absolute quality and food safety.

– Prestige is always put on top, always on the side of customers to understand.

– Price is suitable according to the quality, and depending on the type of product, the weight of Luka’s Café products.

– Comes with the best quality, the most competitive prices are the most perfect service mode.

Business Policies of the Luka Group Jsc.

With the commitment to best satisfy all customers’ needs, bring the most satisfaction to customers when coming to, we always keep in mind and put practical benefits of customers first:

– Supplying the right quality products: ensuring the right quality of goods with clear origin and in accordance with the technical features of the products as offered.

– Competitive price: customers will be guaranteed absolutely on price, never being expensive

– Service style: customers will always be dedicated service, thoughtful, professional advice in all needs

– Perfect service: always committed to bring the best policies, service policies.

Shipping Methods

Orders will be delivered to the customer’s address, except in cases such as limited office access, apartment / high rise areas (only for delivery at the base of the building), or shipping addresses in the no-load zone (if the order has a bulky product, large quantities need to be shipped by truck)

Regulations on delivery area:

For Hai Phong inner-city districts: delivery to customers’ homes within 24-48 hours from the time customers place orders. Free ship to Hai Phong inner-city districts for orders worth VND 500,000. Orders below 500,000 VND ship fee of VND 20k / order.

For suburban areas of Hai Phong and other provinces: Transfer COD ship to customers according to the items that customers have ordered. Shipment fee is depend on the customer in accordance with the carrier company.

Change – Returns Policy

Luka’s Café guarantees the products sold on the website are new and 100% genuine products of Luka Group Company. In the rare case that the product you receive is defective, damaged or not as described, we are committed to protecting customers with the return and warranty policy as follows:

  • Terms of Change – Returns

The delivery is broken, wrong content or is missing. We encourage you to check the external condition of the box and its products before payment to ensure that the goods are delivered in the correct type, quantity, color according to the order, and the outside condition is not impact (breakage / scratching). If this is the case, please refuse to receive the goods or immediately notify the Customer Care Department via email or call 0868.999.756 for us to take timely measures. (Please note that further inspection steps such as product trials can only be accepted after the order is paid in full).

  • Time of Change – Pay

For products if there is an error, please contact within 3 days of receiving the goods successfully for the best support. After 3 working days from the date you receive the goods, we reserve the right to refuse to exchange support for complaints according to the above.

  • Return Process

+ Call the hotline: 0868.999.756 or 02253.722.833 for detailed instructions.

+ Product packaging

+ Shipment to the following address: 3rd Floor, Crystal Building, No. 16-17 Area A2, Lot 6B Le Hong Phong, Dong Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong, Vietnam.


+ For the case of return and exchange goods due to broken, wrong content or missing Luka’s Cafe, the whole exchange cost will be charged.

+ For other cases all shipping costs paid by customers.

+ Customers are entitled to return the product and get back 100% of the amount paid in cash at the company or by bank transfer if customers buy online if the error is determined by Luka’s Café.

For questions about the program, please contact:

Customer service hotline: 0868.999.756 – 02253.722.833

Website: online chatting section



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