Order Instruction

Order Methods

Ordering on is very simple with just 3 steps. Please follow the instructions below to order quickly !

Step 1: Find the product

  • Method 1: Enter the product keyword in the search bar on the homepage with a magnifying glass image> then press search
  • Method 2: Click on the product catalog to find products

Step 2: Select the product

After finding the product, you can add the product to the cart or press the purchase button

Chat online: you can chat online with us to ask more about product information.

View your cart: The cart will save the products you have selected, you can change and add products before making a payment.

Step 3: Purchase

Click purchase and select payment method.

Luka’s Café has two payment methods:

1) Customers pay via bank account of the company, vietcombank card number: 0031000402424 we put on below, when you make money transfer note the content clearly type your contact, phone number Please let us know before you send money, please confirm the correct name of the recipient: Luka Group Joint Stock Company, after all information is correct, click on transfer the money.

2) The second way is more simpler, you choose to pay on delivery, the shipment service will contact you when the order is delivered to your address, you confirm the correct order you have selected and delivered money to the carrier, in case of mistake or the goods are not in accordance with your request, please call us immediately for support: 02253.722.833 – 868.999.756 we are ready to answer any questions.

Place an order and confirm the order

– When you order at the website:, then we will contact you to confirm the order. We only confirm orders when order requirements meet the order fulfillment criteria at

– In order to your orders are confirmed quickly, please provide complete and accurate information related to the delivery, or the terms and conditions of the promotion (if any) that you participate.