Company Introduction

Luka Group was established on January 6, 2020, founded and managed by Bui The Chien, Chairman and CEO of the Company, with the goal of building and developing Luka’s Café brand to become one of the leading international brands, and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s growing coffee industry. Luka’s Café brand was determined to find and select the best coffee beans from the round beans on the windy highland, we find the cleanest and highest quality sources of coffee bean.

The gentle combination between Robusta and Arabica make customers enjoy a strong coffee flavor but also has a slight sour taste from Arabica.

Our Mission: To bring yummy cups of coffee to Vietnamese tasters, connect Vietnamese’ solidarity spirit and contribute to becoming a coffee culture community in Vietnam territory.

Our Vision: To become one of the leading instant coffee brands in Vietnam, we also tend to be one of international brands in the coffee industry. We always listen and understand the practical customers’ need, and bring best services to them.

Core Values: Luka Group always aims to clean products, ensuring hygiene and safety for consumers’ health. We are committed to saying no to the sale of counterfeit goods, poor quality products, or products of unknown origin.